What are No Discharge Areas

“No Discharge Areas” NDA designates waterways where the discharge of any waste, treated or untreated, is illegal and where only Type III MSD’s are legal.

While in an NDA locking the door to the toilet with a padlock or door handle key lock is an acceptable method of securing the Type 1 or 2 MSD. Type 3 MSD’s are recommended for long term operation in an NDA and must be secured.

Currently, the EPA has approved the following NDA’s in local coastal waters

Connecticut: All Waters

New York: Long Island Sound including the open waters, harbors, bays, and navigable tributaries of the sound and a portion of the East River, from the Hell Gate Bridge in the west to the Northern bounds of the Block Island Sound in the east, included in the NDA are: Peconic Estuary and East Hampton, Mamaroneck Harbor, Huntington-Northport Bay Complex, Port Jefferson Complex, and Hudson River

Rhode Island: All Waters

You can visit the EPA website’s PDF for a list of NDA’s in New England Waters.