What our happy clients have to say about our courses!

Stephanie (Bristol, CT)

Great job teaching this online class! I thought it might be boring, but it wasn’t at all! I certainly learned a lot, and I’m looking forward to boating soon.

Andrew (Colebrook, CT)

This was great!! I have never rode a boat before, or been taught anything about boating, but I passed because of how easy the instructor made this course. Thank you so much!!!!! Off to my new journeys…

Keith (Lebanon, CT)

Very educational and engaging at the same time made for an enjoyable session to get my boating license. Bottom line, I am so well prepared now to get out on the water.

Joseph (Midelbury, CT)

Very informative, engaging trainer (I am a software trainer and I do many web sessions) The class immediately liked him and I think everyone enjoyed the class.

Ben (Chaplin, CT)

This class was amazing the instructor was great. I’m glad I took this course and and thankful for everyone that participated. I would recommend this to everyone.

Chloe (Portland, CT)

Very efficient & effective online CT boating course that was convenient and informative. The instructor made the course very engaging and a positive experience!

Shaun (Hartford, CT)

Ahoy Mates! The only class I would recommend would be with this particular instruction and the presenter himself. I felt all our concerns and questions were answered!!

Shane (Woodbury, CT)

I highly enjoyed taking this class, better than I expected. A lot of information was presented effectively and efficiently for all age groups that attended. Would recommend.

Kenny (Orange, CT)

Take it- Best investment you can make to ensure a safe & fun boating season. It’s easy to learn with others and great information on boating you’ll need for this summer:)

Violet (Somers, CT)

The attendees ranged from young kids with no experience to senior citizens with 60+ years on the water. The presenter superbly spanned the gap – a hugely difficult task.

Fin (Bethlehem, CT)

The instructor was knowledgeable and had charisma. The teaching approach the instructor used made you want to learn. The course prepared me to get 100% right on the test.

Antonio (Deep River, CT)

The trainer helped make the course fun and engaging, and while some parts went by a bit fast, he was very responsive and welcoming of questions. Very important information!

Mya (Salisbury, CT)

My son and I learned a lot at this class. The instructor was fun and engaging for both of us, and the material was relevant and exactly what we were looking for. Thank you!

Rodger (Bridgewater, CT)

After completing this course, I feel more confident about my ability to boat safely – knowing the rules of the water is a wonderful first step to enjoying time on the Sound.

Savannah (Weston, CT)

Course material was well presented by the lecturer. His knowledge of the material was excellent and his ability to keep the students interest and attention was outstanding.

Sania (Mansfield, CT)

The instructor was fantastic – he was knowledgeable and made the information easy to comprehend and actually fun. I would refer him to any one who needed to take this class.

Mathias (Canton, CT)

Very interesting and informative. Excellent instructor, and very knowledgeable about the topic. I would highly recommend his class to my family and friends.

Devon (Oxford, CT)

I have been training with car companies for 30 years. This was one of the best training courses I have been through in all those years. Great teacher, Great course, Thank You.

Miles (Thomaston, CT)

My class experience was not only informative but also interesting. John, our teacher made the class work actually fun. I highly recommend Connecticut Boating Certificates llc.

Doug (Hartland, CT)

Overall the course was well written and the exam was very straight forward. My instructor was very helpful and informative and I would recommend this course to anyone.

Casper (Fairfield, CT)

Good Course. You learn the reasons for regulations as well as the regulations themselves. You can’t get educational quality from just books, but you get it here. Thank you!

Raymond (Harwinton, CT)

I actually enjoyed the course. It was straightforward and pretty informative, with an instructor that knows what he’s teaching. I thank him very much for what he has taught me.

Marco (Waterbury, CT)

The instructor moved the class along at a good rate. Good visuals. Requiring class participation (reading) is an excellent learning tool to keep everyone involved.

Beth (Glastonbury, CT)

Fantastic instructor! The class was a great way to learn a lot of material in a relatively short amount of time, and I felt more than prepared for the test at the end.

Elinor (Watertown, CT)

I feel confident in driving a boat, PWC or towing. 10/10 would recommend as it is informative, interesting and all around was a great experience.

Tyler (Sharon, CT)

Our instructor’s sense of humor made the class enjoyable. I also liked the zoom classroom, since it would of been a drive I wasn’t looking forward to taking!

Daryl (Ansonia, CT)

Course was good. Instructor was very knowledgeable and supportive to his students. He handled everything professionally, and I would gladly take another more advanced class with him.

Nick (Woodbury, CT)

The program was surprisingly easy to follow, and I didn’t feel too uncomfortable being the only minor in the class. It was infinitely better than most of my classes in high school.

Jed (New Brittain CT)

Great teacher, great class, the structure of the course sets you up to really understand the rules and regulations of boating. Take this class and you will pass the test for sure!

Rebekka (Enfield, CT)

Believe what others are saying! This course is really gives you the tools you need to start boating safely. It’s engaging, the information is crystal clear, and the time flies by!

Jamie (Suffield, CT)

Great course! I definitely feel ready to take a boat out on the water and apply what I learned to create a fun, but safe environment for myself, my passengers, and fellow boaters.

Ella-May (Putnam, CT)

This was a great course to take. I was taking it along with my 13 year old son and was worried about doing the 8 hour day course- this was much easier for us and kept his attention!

Shannen (Canterbury, CT)

Our instructor did an outstanding job moving through the material, focused us on important topics we really will use, and made it all very understandable and practical for my use. Excellent!!!

Humera (Essex, CT)

We had an outstanding instructor who provides a great deal of emphasis on safe boating as part of this class. I give a 5 star rating to this class and the instructor.

Jeanette (Eastford, CT)

The instructor was very fluid, funny, but quite informative. He did an incredible job of making students forget they were in a class all day on a Saturday, while the sun was shining.

Coen (Eastford, CT)

Great instructor, did a good job bringing some entertainment into the course to keep his students engaged and interested, while also being very informative and professional.

Anaya (Middlefield, CT)

The course instructor was very good at ensuring everyone did a good job and understood the material well. He created a no-stress environment which made learning easier and flow better.

Rylan (Norfolk, CT)

As someone that has never operated a boat, I feel confident enough to take the helm and learn with a safe mindset…. and I think I will be doing so with some more experienced boaters.

Meghan (Woodbury, CT)

Great teacher! He was available for questions and really knew the class material and information. I enjoyed being able to take the course online from the comfort of my home.

Naveed (Shelton, CT)

Absolutely fantastic course and the presentation of the material exceeded expectations. The course was engaging, energizing and and made learning about boater safety fun and relatable.

Julia (New Hartford, CT)

The course was great because we were able to connect the quick facts we learned to real world examples which the teacher shared with us. This aspect allowed me to understand it very well!

Chuck (Old Lyme, CT)

Great course, I learned allot in a short period of time. The instructor that kept the material interesting and to the point. Will recommend to anyone needing a boating license!

Jimmy (Monroe, CT)

Instructor is a pro, he took dense but necessary material and made it easy to understand and entertaining. I would highly recommend this course to anyone who is looking to get out on CT waters.

Donald (Ellington, CT)

CBC Provided an excellent class that moved at a good pace. Very informative and leaves you ready for the exam, well done. I would recommend this class to everyone who goes out on the water.

Cynthia (Lebanon, CT)

The certificate educational course and exam and very professional. The instructor was very helpful and nice, he was effectively able to run the course smoothly whilst engaging the audience.

Edward (Simsbury, CT)

Excellent presentation – informative and engaging. I also teach using Zoom (at UConn) and was very impressed that it was engaging for adults but also worked well for my kids (ages 12 and 10).

Carlos (Stratford, CT)

The instructor was informative, personable and engaging…I dreaded taking such a long course but it wasn’t painful at all! The program’s design allowed for fast thorough uptake of information.

Steve (Bethany, CT)

Phenomenal instructor. Even with all the information to get through, he was able to explain it all concisely and effectively. I would definitely recommend this course to a friend.

Billy (Putnam, CT)

Great course, great job by the instructor, very interactive, and I would recommend to anyone to take the course. I learned a lot of very important information and can use it in the future. Thank you!

Jose (Chester, CT)

Instructor was so informative and knew so much. He passed on his knowledge and made sure we would all feel confident taking the exam. I would recommend this course to all of my friends and family.

William (Thompson, CT)

Outstanding instructor – time went quickly and the course was very informative. Waaaaay better than I anticipated. If you are comparing courses you can stop this is a great one!

Janice (Middlebury, CT)

I thought I might be bored taking a class for four hours each day, however, our wonderful instructor kept us engaged with slides, dialogue, humor and a passion for safe boating! Thanks!

Jose (New Hartford, CT)

Easy and informative course that everyone should take. Made me feel productive during quarantine and excited to try out my new knowledge on the water! The quality of instruction was top notch.

Earl (Andover, CT)

Great instructor. Very engaging and motivating. He made the time fly and used the time efficiently. I would recommend this course to anyone interested in getting their boating license.

Gerald (Milford, CT)

Well worth the time and very informative without being preachy. The instructor was very knowledgeable and engaging. Everything learned will be useful in, around and on a water vessel.

Eric (Windsor, CT)

The instructor is a dynamic presenter engaging his audience and making the task of learning about safe boating enjoyable and even fun. The course is well paced and interesting. Thank you so much.

David (Warren, CT)

This online course is surprisingly concise and effective way to learn all the material required for the boating license. I like the structure of two consecutive 4 hour days of instruction and test.

Evelyn (Greenwich, CT)

This course opened my eyes to many of the topics involved with operating a boat/PWC. This was a great foundation and I would recommend it to anyone looking to learn more about operating watercraft.

Jerry (Enfield, CT)

This class was very informative and done so you can retain the information. I am not a good test taker but was very surprised I remember what I was taught. Thank you for such a positive experience.

Katherine (Kent, CT)

I feel better prepared to boat and navigate the waters of NE Sound. This course helped me get organized and ready for upcoming boating season in professional and safe manner. Instructor ROCKED the course!

Rachel (Washington, CT)

This course ensures that new boaters have all of the information they need to safely operate their vehicle. Instructor was courteous and did his best to keep everyone engaged. Highly recommend!

Craig (Waterford, CT)

This was the best course, I was very worried that I would have a hard time. I feel our instructor made everything so easy to understand, I would recommend this to everyone dealing with boats.

Catherine (Wilton, CT)

Engaging presentation. Instructor kept the group involved and interactive for the entire day. He was able to answer all question posed to him in a manner that made it easy to understand. Great training.

Roy (Windham, CT)

Class was very informative and easy to follow along. There is a wealth of information that is needed for safe boating and now I am aware of what I need to look out for as so prepare to take the helm.

Brian (Simsbury, CT)

The instructor was really engaging and the pace of the class was great. It can be difficult to sit in an 8 hour course following a day of work but the instructor kept things moving and time was well spent!

Clarence (Wilton, CT)

Great instructor. He kept the course fun and informative the entire time. It was a great experience. I have recommended him and this course to several families looking to get a boaters license.

Joseph (Sprague, CT)

A long informative day, great material and time well spent. My thanks go to the instructor for packing in so much in a easy to understand and absorb manner. Have no fear if you pay attention you will pass the test.

Ashley (Thomaston, CT)

The instructor was awesome; he took what could have been a boring experience and made it interesting! I also feel well-prepared to operate a vessel as a direct result of the information provided. Thank you!

Aaron (Windham, CT)

Instructor did a great job presenting a lot of information in a relatively short period of time in an interesting, informative way. I learned a lot and feel that I have a good foundation to operate a vessel safely.

Doris (Putnam, CT)

Excellent and engaging teacher who maintained my attention for the entire class. I was quite concerned that it would be dull and long, but that apprehension disappeared as soon as he got started.

Rebecca (Newtown, CT)

Great course – I liked the slide format, I liked the use of stories and snippets of information to illustrate rules and I appreciated reinforcement of key points, that really helped with learning. Thanks so much!

Carl (Greenwich, CT)

Instructor does a great job. Extremely knowledgeable, kept everyone engaged given the virtual setting, and even had some light-hearted humor where appropriate. Great job and thank you!

Frank (Salisbury, CT)

This was a good course, teacher presented all necessary information for a basic boating course as interesting as you could make it. I feel he covered all information needed to successfully run a boat in CT, good job.

Dorothy (Branford, CT)

The instructor was engaging and informative, and definitely made the content understandable. He was approachable, and gave a nice blend of lecture and student participation. I would recommend this class to others.

Janice (Woodstock, CT)

I had issues with my own schedule and they were very accommodating when I needed to change dates. It’s always a relief when a company is fair and easy to deal with, when you dread making the call to customer service.

Roy (Washington, CT)

Very engaging, focused on material needed to pass the exam, at times entertaining – good combination of visuals, student participation and practical observations which all helped move the course along at a steady pace.

Francis (New Milford, CT)

Our instructor made the material interesting and relatable to a diverse audience (kids to grandparents), and kept what could be boring info engaging while also conveying very serious, life saving information.

Lori (Eastford, CT)

The instructor was a great fit, seemed happy to be teaching the course, and remained engaging throughout the day. Some family members of mine plan to receive their boating certificate and I plan to refer them here!

Phyllis (East Hartford, CT)

Great content and great instructor. The program was well-paced and very informative — with bits of humor sprinkled here and there, which helped make the time go quickly. I recommend CBC and the course whole-heartedly.

Diane (West Haven, CT)

The instructor Glenn was amazing. Very friendly and knowledgeable and really kept the course on track. Always made sure that everyone was comfortable with the material and always willing to lend a hand. Thank you Glenn!!!

Monel Ebuka (Putnam, CT)

Great engagement and right level of material coverage. Instructor was awesome, making it fun. He is very knowledgeable, not only about the material but to teach it. Not all instructors can teach well. Very glad I took his course.

Victor (Cromwell, CT)

The necessary information given in this course was presented in a concise, easy to understand, and friendly manner. The instructor was to the point, interesting and friendly. He did a great job!!! He made the course enjoyable!!!

Juliana (Simsbury, CT)

Great content and visuals to help understand for the first time boater. Instructor was knowledgeable and kept the class engaged, as well as made the training fun. Will be recommending this to friends and family needing this class.

Peter (Stratford, CT)

CT Boating Certificates has a great and informative class for anyone wanting to obtain their boating license. The instructors are friendly and engaging, I feel much better prepared to be out on the water after taking this class.

Andrea (Derby, CT)

Our instructor did a great job of keeping the course moving along and preparing us well for the final exam. It was helpful to be able to complete everything in one day. I am now prepared to have my on-the-water training.

Joe (Portland, CT)

The presentation material was helpful, interesting, and informative. Excellent speaker and presented the material at a perfect pace that kept our attention and allowed us to absorb the information. Very well done!

Douglas (Hamden, CT)

Professionally presented by an instructor who understood how to present the material in an interesting and understandable way. He was able to engage every student regardless of age and learning level. Course was truly impressive!

Roger (Ellington, CT)

I was a little nervous doing an online course but after the first few minutes I felt much better. Instructor had a calming voice that made me feel like I could do it. I wish he was one of my teachers when I was a kid. Thank you very much.

Walter (Litchfield, CT)

This course was easy to follow and was very interactive! On top of involving us with reading key notes, the instructor also passed around a few items to be hands on with! He made it feel like time was flying by and was very informative!

Susan (Hebron, CT)

Instructed well with an appropriate amount of time to cover the important safety topics. Enjoyed doing this in my own home with dozens of other fellow boater novices with a knowledgeable instructor leading the discussion. Two thumbs up!

Benjamin (New Britain, CT)

The instructor of this class was out of this world! I absolutely would recommend this course to anyone looking to get their certification. This is without a doubt the most engaging and exciting course thanks to the instructor. Thank you!

Andrew (Kent, CT)

Informative and fun. The instructor was knowledgeable, clearly cared about the subject, and had a lot of hands on experience to share. Even my kids, ages 10, 14, and 16 were very happy to have taken the course and got a lot out of it.

Terrance (Lyme, CT)

It was a very educational presentation that provided the right amount of visual aid and conversation. I am an instructor and know how difficult it is to keep students engaged especially during this current situation with virtual learning.

Alan (South Windsor, CT)

I was worried that the online class would not leave me feeling prepared. I should not have worried at all. The class was very informative and the instructor was knowledgeable and did a great job keeping everyone interested and involved.

Christina (Canton, CT)

This class made it quick and painless. Everything was clear and easy to follow. Being on a Zoom meeting for all that time can be tedious, but this class kept things moving at a good pace and I was surprised how quickly we got through it all.

Brenda (Windsor, CT)

The instructor was excellent! He used analogies and stories to help us remember key parts of the training, which ought to help us remember this information far beyond the test. Our 11 year old was able to maintain attention and pass the exam.

Steve (Putnam, CT)

The instructor was highly informative and engaging, clearly outlined the vessel operator’s responsibilities and underscored the importance of safety at every turn. I look forward to getting out and applying my newfound knowledge on the water.

Jonathan (Clinton, CT)

I spent a lifetime in sales and went through any presentations over 40 yrs. This instructor was the best. He had tremendous patience, got to everyone’s questions, and was on schedule. Terrific delivery and with great background music!

Kathryn (Ansonia, CT)

I really enjoyed the course and I learned a lot. Going into the course, I though it would be very difficult to understand the new concepts of boating that I had never learned before but, it was taught in a way to me that made it easy to understand.

Nicholas (Suffield, CT)

Probably the best teacher I’ve had in all my years in school. He made everything so easy to understand, also very informative on all sections of the course! Would recommend anyone trying to get a Boating Certificate to go through you guys.

Kathleen (New London, CT)

I’m a lifelong boater and I learned a number of useful things I did not know. I am new to boating in Long Island Sound and found the instructor’s commentary very informative. And he was very entertaining! Great course, glad I went with this outfit!

Mary (Cromwell, CT)

My experience with this class was very pleasant. There was a balance of text & pictures to make sure one can comprehend well, very attentive & fast responses with any questions asked. The instructor was very engaging as well, had the class participate.

Sandra (Seymour, CT)

Informative class that combined the legal and safety regulations of boating with a good deal of common sense. It was clear that the instructor wanted the students to leave the class fully confident in their ability to drive a boat safely and responsibly.

Bobby (Hamden, CT)

The class was great! The instructor was very funny and did a great job at promoting high self efficacy across the board. The information/slides were made straight-forward enough to reach all age groups and keep everyone engaged. Would highly recommend 🙂

Barbara (South Windsor, CT)

Knowledgeable and fun instructor who presents material in a creative way to help students remember boating jargon. Instructor prepares students for the exam by having students actively participate and review concepts throughout the course. Thank you!

Timothy (Bridgewater, CT)

The course was very informative and engaging as I was afraid the eight hours would drag but they did not. I feel much safer heading out this year as our boat will be in the waters off of New Hampshire and not our local lake. Definitely feel better equipped

Joyce (Ashford, CT)

I thought this was a very good course. The instructor was amazing. He was very helpful, kind, engaging and always had an answer for the questions about the material or for struggling students. The four hours also went by pretty fast in my opinion.

Keith (Middlefield, CT)

I find online classes (and, really, non-hands-on learning of any kind — I have pretty intense learning ADD) extremely painful, but this class was as good as it gets for me! Teacher was great and handled the annoying student questions really well and didn’t get off track!

Leslie (Westbrook, CT)

My instructor was Glenn Dean and he made the class interactive and fun. He wants people to enjoy boating, but do it safely. He was willing to do whatever he could to make sure his students understood the topics being taught in the course. I’d highly recommend Glenn.

Conner (Norwalk, CT)

Class was the best! I did not do so well in other courses like my driver’s test so I was nervous for this class but the instructor quickly eliminated those fears. Not only did I pass the test my first time, I feel more prepared then I did heading into the course. Thank you!

Tommy (Durham, CT)

This course was amazing! I was worried that 8 hours on Zoom would go by slowly, but our teacher was extremely engaging and the time flew by. After being on boats my entire life, I found it very valuable to actually learn the rules of the water. I highly recommend this course!

Jodi (Andover, CT)

The course covers it all, and covers it well in an engaging and educational manner. I was quite anxious before the day began, but the instructor put us all at ease right away with his confident and knowledgable approach. His musical taste is also a nice extra! Well done.

Chris (Naugatuck, CT)

Excellent trainer who kept everybody engaged with participants from a wide age group. He was able to simplify and convey information in a manner that everybody could understand. He also emphasized and highlighted materials that were important for the Final exam.

Alexandra (Scotland, CT)

This was a tremendous class and I would highly recommend it to anyone. Being a teacher myself, I was very impressed with this presentation. It was informative, concise, and left me with the feeling that I was well-prepared to have a safe and enjoyable boating experience!

Ismael (New Milford, CT)

Probably one of, if not the best course you can take to obtain your boaters permit! Teacher was not only friendly he made the class go by super fast with staying on schedule and cracking some jokes along the way. I am definitely recommending this course to family and friends!

Michael O'Connor (Vernon, CT)

Excellent instructor, and seasoned professional who brings a common sense approach with real life examples to the classroom that drives home the importance of safety and proper boating skills. I highly recommend this company and Jonathan!

Melanie (Orange, CT)

Great course! Would highly recommend it!

Jean (New Canaan, CT)

Very helpful course and the instructor was excellent!

Alex (Bethel, CT)

Very professional and enjoyable from a computer setting.

Shelia (Thomaston, CT)

Teacher did a great job of staying interactive, keeping the content engaging and covering the major points needed. The time went by fairly quickly and he was always asking for the class for opinions (breaks? etc) and to participate. Very satisfied and happy I chose this session.

Antonio (Waterbury, CT)

I have been boating with family my entire life. Despite my ‘experience’ I found numerous laws, tips, tricks, etc that I was 100% unaware of. This alone made it worth the while. (My girlfriend and I both took the class with Glenn. He was absolutely amazing, perfect for this course.)

Blake (Litchfield, CT)

This was a great class! Very informative, interesting and enjoyable….well presented. The instructor made it fun. Happy that I took the one-day course and got the certificate the next day. Would highly recommend this course to anyone needing his or her Safe Boating Certificate!

Kevin (Suffield, CT)

The course was very well prepared and presented. Teacher knows how to reach his audience, engage them and teach them the information in a manner that keeps it interesting. We thoroughly enjoyed the class and would recommend it to anyone who desires their Personal Watercraft License.

Morris (Farmington, CT)

I took this because my father in law has a boat and figured I might as well learn something in case something happens on the water. The class was much better than I expected. I am glad I took the course as there was a lot to learn. My teenage daughter enjoyed it as well. Thank you.

Shaun (East Windsor, CT)

Teacher made the course fun and a breeze! He couldn’t hear it because we were all on mute but his jokes did land and I appreciated how he had fun with it. It helped keep me engaged and he explained everything in a manner in which I could understand and it was clear. Highly recommend!

Bob (New London, CT)

At first I was expecting a boring state mandated class that would be boring and useless but to my amazement I actually enjoyed the class, the teacher, and the knowledge that I believe is necessary and very useful while boating for the safety of my family and friends. Again thank you!

Vera (Franklin, CT)

The course is great very informative and the teacher was great also. Making us participate in reading some of the text was very helpful. I would definitely recommend this course to my friends thanks. I really believe if we follow the safe practices on the water everyone will be safe from accidents.

Christina (Vernon, CT)

Instructor built trust from the beginning (see FAQ on website). Important information was conveyed with professionalism and wisdom. The course was more interactive than I anticipated! I am confident that I will be able to apply this knowledge on the water this summer. Thank you!

Jordan (Manchester, CT)

This course was engaging and interesting. Being a teacher myself during this pandemic, I know how challenging virtual teaching can be. My teacher made this course easy to follow and participate in and prepared me perfectly for the test. I would highly recommend Connecticut Boating Certificates LLC!

Bryant (Plainville, CT)

Teacher conveyed information skillfully to the large age differential. He is very patient but kept class on point. I would like to see a class offered for people who already have boating license in another state and just need to learn CT requirements & laws. Thank you.

Ross (Roxbury, CT)

This is a fantastic introduction, yet comprehensive, course to boater safety and waterway knowledge. A great starting place for recreational, weekend boaters, and those that wish to pursue more education in advanced boating operation and seamanship. I would HIGHLY recommend this class to anyone.

Georgia (Killingly, CT)

Glenn, our instructor, was easy to listen to. He gave us hints to help us with some of the rules and regulations that made it easy to remember. I was nervous about the class and content since I am new to boating and found by the end of the class I felt confident that I would be able to try boating!

Earl (Somers, CT)

Very informative and interesting class, I definitely enjoyed it and the instructor was very nice and always made sure we had an understanding of the topic. I definitely feel confident to operate a boat or a PWC now. I would definitely recommend this course to my friends who are interested in getting their boating license.

Lila (Middletown, CT)

Great instructor, his background in education truly made a difference. Very kind, clear, courteous and helpful. Not to mention every engaging. Having the quick break and then the lunch break broke down the course time very well.

Harvey (Vernon, CT)

Teacher was great. He made the information easy to understand and fun to learn. I truly believe that the way he taught this class made all the difference on whether you understood the information or not. So glad I signed up. I was so worried about the exam, but he made us feel like we would be prepared and not to worry about it and it worked.

Wayne (Eastford, CT)

I liked the professional but easy-going manner in which the material was presented. I especially liked the class participation in the readings, as well as the questions after each section which helped to retain the information from each section. Now I need instruction in how to actually sail my 1980 Pearson 26 weekender-just a slight upgrade from my kayak!!! Thank you.

Patrick (Norwich, CT)

A great course. A lot of crucial information was well presented by a knowledgeable and engaging teacher. I have been on and around boats my entire life and I found the course informative and useful. My girlfriend, who had very little boating experience walking in, left with a competent understanding of the rules of the water and basic boater safety. I would recommend it to a friend.

Theodore (East Haddam, CT)

The instructor did a great job keeping everyone engaged, even in the online format. “The Helm” has good resources.

Aurora (Washington, CT)

Cannot believe how much fun I had. I’m not one to be excited for instructional courses like this but I knew almost immediately it was going to be great. Our teacher was super funny, very informative, keeps it interesting, & above all, helps you understand the information in a way that sticks. I’d recommend this to absolutely everyone who’s looking to get their boating license, I’d take it twice if I could. Thanks again!

Jeffry (North Branford, CT)

The course was extremely educational and covered more topics than I could have imagined to prepare first time boat operators for the water. Our teacher did a tremendous job presenting the materials with a perfect balance of “book” topics and real life scenarios from his 40+ years of boating in addition to adding a touch of humor. I would highly recommend this course to anyone looking to get their Connecticut boating license!

Otto (Southbury, CT)

I genuinely enjoyed it. Teacher was fantastic and engaging, and I like that he kept us reading so we were involved. I’m a veteran teacher and found the presentation to be appropriately paced and the reminders to be very helpful. He gave us the information we needed, but also additional items that weren’t on the test which gave me confidence to get on the water safely. It was exactly what I was looking for in a boating class.

Randy (Morris, CT)

The instructor (Glenn Dean) presented course information in a clear, concise and engaging manner. The information that is presented certainly prepares participants for the Connecticut Boating Certificate exam. In addition, as Mr. Dean is thoroughly up to date on the latest boating regulations, even an old salt can learn something new in this course that can increase one’s ability to “safely ” navigate a vessel in either inland or coastal waterways.

Anthony (Windsor, CT)

Excellent instructor! Really enjoyed the course and psyched to hit the water, SAFELY.

Madison (Stonington, CT)

Easy and fun to learn about some interesting things when boating.

Kenneth (Stonington, CT)

Even over Zoom, I thought the course was great and I learned a lot.

Lucas (New London, CT)

Awesome! Teacher was the absolute best and made this course a great experience!

Christian (Clinton, CT)

Informative interactive presentation done with humor and useful word associations.

Bill (Voluntown, CT)

This class was easy to follow and I feel more comfortable with what to do while driving a boat.

Ross (Lyme, CT)

This course was engaging, easy to follow, very informative and will definitely be recommended.

Cooper (North Haven, CT)

The instructor was super informative easy to follow and did a great job keeping everyone engaged

Tony (Stamford, CT)

Our teacher was excellent. He made the class interesting and easy to remember. I’m very impressed!

Finley (Warren, CT)

Instructor was great. Made it interesting and fun, but stressed the seriousness of it too. Great course.

Gareth (Union, CT)

It’s a must to take this course! Very informative, very detailed and helps through the process very easily.

Clyde (Somers, CT)

This class was incredibly informative and the time flew by! I feel completely ready to cruise the lake this summer!

Rob (Griswold, CT)

This class does a good job of preparing you for the test and provides additional info to make sure you are able to operate a boat.

Ricky (Colebrook, CT)

This class was great. It was lighthearted and laid back, but also got information across and helped me learn about boating.

Dawn (Old Saybrook, CT)

There was a lot of material, but it was broken down and explained in a way that made the time go easy.

Doug (Berlin, CT)

Instructor kept the class engaged and flowing well. Explained everything in a easy to understand way while not “dumbing it down” too much.

Payton (Haddam, CT)

The instructor did a great job delivering the information. He used great examples and visual tools. I was very happy with everything overall!

Benny (Willington, CT)

Instructor showed a lot of poise, patience, and tolerance. Quick to help and problem solve communication problems at days end. Thanks nice work!🐬👍💪

Graham (Weston, CT)

Instructor was extremely knowledgeable about this topic. It is not easy to teach on zoom; however, his ability to keep everyone engaged was outstanding!

Carlos (North Canaan, CT)

Great instructor, both highly knowledgeable and entertaining at the same time. He kept me engaged and prepared me well to pilot my own craft.

Ellis (Fairfield, CT)

The course was well presented and enjoyable. Instructor made it fun and I was well prepared for the test. Will recommend to others I know of seeking their certificate.

Simone (Ledyard, CT)

Very relatable and engaging instructor. I’ve casually boated my entire life and highly recommend this course as a refresher or to gain more confidence on the water.

Zack (Mariden, CT)

Awesome instructor! The material was so well put together that the time flew by but that I learned so much and retained everything. Great class and would recommend anyone to take it!

Julian (Danbury, CT)

Our instructor was fantastic and did an excellent job facilitating the class. The ease of the online platform was great as I have 3 children and work full time so not having to be out of the house for 10 hours was invaluable.

Derrick (Warren, CT)

This was extremely informative and was broken down into sections that aided in further understanding. Our instructor kept us engaged and on our toes by asking questions randomly, and using visual aids to enhance the experience learning. The hours passed by quickly and I felt extremely prepared when taking the exam!

Hugo (Goshen, CT)

Instructor was professional yet entertaining.

Abby (Westport, CT)

Excellent course, very informative and engaging!

Francis (Durham, CT)

I really enjoyed the course. We also had an engaging and fun instructor.

Elliot (Burlington, CT)

The course was very informative. The instructor was awesome in presenting the information.

Xander (Prospect, CT)

It was really easy to sign up and complete the course. It was also enjoyable at the same time.

Elly (Brooklyn, CT)

Overall well organized and informative course. He kept us engaged and made sure we understood the materials before moving ahead. I highly recommend this course to all interesting in their CT boaters certificate.

Roger (Stamford, CT)

Great class! Very informative and I would highly recommended.

Glen (Woodbury, CT)

Absolutely a perfect class to take as a beginner, instructors are very helpful and will answer every and any questions you may have.

Daisie (Sharon, CT)

Great instructor that covers relevant info in a clear, concise and interesting manner!

Shane (Sterling, CT)

Vital. Operating a boat is not the same as driving a car. So much to learn.

Daniel (Bristol, CT)

Our instructor did an outstanding job instructing us about all of the points of boating safety!

Ian (Middletown, CT)

The teacher was very knowledgable and engaging! This was good learning experience, enjoyable, and educational.

Sydney (Stamford, CT)

This was a very good course, and the information was taught in a very engaging manner! I would highly recommend this class for those looking to get their boater’s license.

Collette (Bridgeport, CT)

I had no idea that I would learn so much in a one day class! I feel ready to hit the water in my new boat!

Nathan (Salisbury, CT)

I really enjoyed learning about boat and pwc safety. I can’t wait to have a boat out on the lake. I’m really excited to start boating!

Gabby (Middlebury, CT)

Well coordinated and orchestrated – There was a lot of information that I learned with ease as a new boater using CBC!

Thomas (Groton, CT)

This class was simply the best. I feel ready to take on the lake as a newly licensed boater!

Samantha (Fairfield, CT)

Our teacher was very easy to relate to & presented all of the information very well. For someone taking this class as a beginner, this was a huge help for me.

Kenzie (Terryville, CT)

I am very happy with the content I learned from this course and am excited to get out on the water!

Tucker (Litchfield, CT)

The teacher made the class very interesting and informative. He made the presentation very easy to understand, and had impressive patience with all of the others taking this class.

Kyle (Greenwich, CT)

Our instructor gave us an in depth and informative dissertation on all of the aspects of water safety and watercraft responsibility.

Alex (Ridgefield, CT)

This class was very simple and educational. I would recommend it to all no matter what level experience! I have been boating for over 20 years and still heard some new information. Definitely worth the money!

Adrian (Wolcott, CT)

Excellent and affordable way to get your boater’s license! The class was very engaging and kept me interested with all of the visuals.

Vincent (Waterbury, CT)

I found this class to be very informative and engaging. The length of the class was not noticed because there was a good flow and the time was flying!

Paul (Oxford, CT)

Our instructor’s style made it very easy to understand all of the material. I would recommend this program to anyone looking to get their boating certificate.

Rocco (New Milford, CT)

This class taught me all of the skills I need to know in order to operate a boat safely.

Catherine (Manchester, CT)

I learned new things and built upon what I already knew. This class was taught professionally with safety in mind.

Justin (Groton , CT)

This course was easy to understand and interesting. This is even for a 30 year boater. I learned things that I have never heard of taking this class.

Max (Naugatuck, CT)

This course was very easy to follow. the material was easy to understand, and we had a great instructor. Would recommend!!

Joseph (Thomaston, CT)

The class went by smoothly and I feel much better prepared to operate a vessel.

Jarad (Terryville, CT)

This was a very interactive and interesting course. The instructor also kept it very engaging!

Nick (Ridgefield, CT)

Our instructor was great! He was engaging, making it very easy to follow along. I liked the class environment also, it was very calm and mellow.

Susan (Hartford, CT)

This course was fun and informative, it was also great that I was able to take the class with all of my friends.

Mustafa (Chester, CT)

This course is a great value. The learning piece is great and you can receive your license very quickly.

Tyler (Redding, CT)

Very professional and interesting. Good info to know, and the course manual has many good references!

Otis (Rocky Hill, CT)

The course was extremely informative, the instructor is very nice and funny. He got us through the class in a very reasonable time and I felt confident taking the test.

Christian (Windsor, CT)

This class is very concise and to the point! Explained everything clearly. Had a great time : )

Ryan (Windsor Locks, CT)

Great information given! This class is a must have. There was no time wasted on safety,  and I now feel confident in my ability to operate a boat.

Jake (Goshen, CT)

Awesome trainer! He had a nice sense of humor and is very compassionate about what he was doing. Thank you!

Kyle (East Hampton, CT)

Our instructor was awesome and keeping the group engaged and covered everything you need to safely operate and enjoy your body experience. I felt very confident taking my test.

Benjamin (Barkhamsted, CT)

Connecticut Boating Certificates ensured that this was an informative, interactive experience that would otherwise be boring and mundane. The instructor made this class very bearable. I would recommend him to anybody looking to get their boaters license.

Lawrence (Redding, CT)

The presentation had very good detail on every slide. This made the class very helpful and easy to follow. The instructor was very professional.

Warren (Hartford, CT)

Instructor was great. Very informative with great examples and detailed explanations. I would recommend this course for anyone in Connecticut looking to get their boaters license.

Peter (Redding, CT)

Great informative class. This teacher’s style was far better than any teacher I have dealt with. He had a positive attitude and cared about teaching his students.

Paul (Lyme, CT)

There was a relaxed atmosphere and a nice flow. The slides were not overfilled with info. The safety was emphasized and I now feel very comfortable operating a boat.

Josh (Andover, CT)

Very informative and was lots of fun. We had a great teacher and he was very nice. This will help me in the future with boating.

George ( Colchester, CT)

This class should be a requirement for anybody who wants to travel on Connecticut waters!

Chloe (Roxbury, CT)

This course was better than I expected. The instructor definitely cares about what he is teaching!

Amelia (Roxbury, CT)

The instructor was cheerful and pleasant. He took pleasure in educating others, and was very knowledgable.

Francis (Morris, CT)

Our instructor was great! His positive approach makes all of the learning more fun and engaging. Thank you!

Kyle (Wethersfield, CT)

Very informative and engaging. Safety was an obvious importance in this course. The instructor was motivational and wanted the operators to remain safe, and successful while boating.

Teresa (Stratford, CT)

Our instructor was enthusiastic and had great, positive energy. He made the class totally worth it!

Dale (Stonington, CT)

We had a funny instructor, who kept the presentation to the point. Thank you for this fun informative class.

Nicholas (Lebanon, CT)

This class was amazing. There was a great use of visual aids and I left very satisfied. 10 out of 10!

Jon (Westbrook, CT)

Our instructor great, super knowledgeable, and made this information overload very easy to understand. I have been building for years and I am amazed at what I didn’t know. Thanks!

Bella (Madison, CT)

This course is easy to follow and understand. The teacher is very nice, and is willing to help you if you have questions.

Gabby (Bristol, CT)

This course was extremely helpful and interesting. Coming into it I had no idea there were so many regulations and safety measures you need to abide by out on the water. I learned a ton of valuable info, Thanks!

Alexa (Ridgefield, CT)

Our instructor made it fun and easy to learn the information obtained in class, and I feel comfortable about my new adventures on the water.

Cole (East Windsor, CT)

This class is very informative and is better than school because we got breaks!

Darcy (Somers, CT)

I felt instructor was more than professional and informative. He was well fit for the class and seemed to really inform people.

Anna (Groton, CT)

I was worried about the overall time of the class but it went by pretty fast. The instructor was great too!

Landen (Wallingford, CT)

The instructor was personable, knowledgeable, and engaging. Would recommend class to other boaters looking to get their license.

Lenny (Harwinton, CT)

My instructor had fantastic enthusiasm, and knowledge of boating. He was very easy to ask questions to without feeling afraid to ask. He did great!

Nicole (Brooklyn, CT)

Excellent presentation of basic body safety. This was a great review for me, and a great educational experience for anyone else taking this class who is new to boating. Would recommend!

Val (Westport, CT)

Extremely informative. Made the right points to be safe. I can’t wait to operate my boat now!

Patricia (Bristol, CT)

I think all watercraft passengers should take this class to. It’s excellent. I want my kids to take this class regardless of whether or not they ever operate a boat. The emphasis is on safety first, and I feel completely prepared to operate a vessel after today’s course!

Frederick (Old Lyme, CT)

Anyone looking to operate on the water should take this course. The instructor was very nice and made the class humorous at times! Thank you!

Jerry (Middlebury, CT)

This class is a great educational opportunity for a family to do together. The time is totally worth it!

Will (Mansfield, CT)

After taking this course I am confident I will pass the exam. Also, I am glad I learned how to properly operate a boat safely.

Jordan (Preston, CT)

I love the course. I’ve been boating and sailing all my life and I learned a lot that I didn’t know before. Thank you!

DeLaney (Plymouth, CT)

Great way to learn safe boating practice and get a boarding license. Information is presented clearly and that is easy to understand!

Dana (North Canaan, CT)

This was an excellent review of material, very entertaining, and the class flows smoothly. I would highly recommend. Thank you!

Xavier (Glastonbury, CT)


Kim (New Haven, CT)

Our instructor was great, the class was better than expected, and it was so informative and beneficial to people who want to operate a vessel!

John (Morris, CT)

Great course, very easy to follow and great engagement with the class!

Charles (Farmington, CT)

This was a fast and easy course to pass, also, it was engaging for everyone in the room.

Zach (Weston, CT)

This class was a great, fast way to get my certificate and get out on the water.

Allyson (Preston, CT)

Though I did operate a boat in the past I did so without knowing much of what I learned the past two days!

Donnie (Meriden, CT)

This class was highly informative and I feel very prepared to safely operate and drive a boat right now.

Debra (Cheshire, CT)

I would highly recommend taking this class if you plan to boat JetSki. I feel very prepared and the instructor was great!

Lauren (East Hampton, CT)

Great course and instructor. The at home service really suited our lifestyle and made it very manageable.

Sabastian (Newtown, CT)

The course is convenient being in the comfort of your own home, it’s very informative and enjoyable.

Timothy (Waterbury, CT)

My father made me take this class and I left surprised at how fast the time flew by!

Will (Colchester, CT)

Excellent instructor that made the course go by at a great pace and provided the info in an engaging fashion.

Duane (Wilton, CT)

Information was delivered in a profesional and timely manner.

Ron (Farmington, CT)

Class was very straight forward and gave me useful material for future reference.

Garett (Bethel, CT)

Our teacher was very informative, gave lots of good examples, encouraged participation, and made the time fly by.

Everett (Hamden, CT)

This class truly helped me to understand the operations and safety measures of any watercraft vessel.

John (Woodbury, CT)

Great class, very informative. I feel better about getting behind the helm of a boat.

Dwayne (Waterbury, CT)

Our teacher was excellent! I feel so much batter about getting behind the wheel.

Isaac (Ridgefield, CT)

Outstanding job, the time flew by, and the teacher did a great job at keeping the students engaged!

Rodney (Norwalk, CT)

This course was very informative, not boring, and the teacher was so personable! Thanks!

Xavier (Middlebury, CT)

All of this information will be very important when I am boating and keeping everyone on my vessel safe.

Chad (Montville, CT)

Very informative and relaxed atmosphere. Made taking this course non stressful.

Chloe (Hartford, CT)

I knew nothing about boating as I walked into this class, but now I will feel comfortable owning, and operating my own boat.

Ellis (Eastford, CT)

The instructor made learning the material interesting and engaging! He made the time go by fast.

Chris (Danbury, CT)

Really informational. I didn’t think there was so much to learn in order to operate a boat safely. It opened my eyes.

Marie (Kent, CT)

It was an interesting and fun class, I learned so much and understood everything. I got a 100% and enjoyed learning!

Lily (Goshen, CT)

An absolute for anyone using water craft, totally worth it.

Brandon (Stratford, CT)

I was nervous about the amount of information, but the instructor was easy to follow, and made me feel comfortable and ready to learn.

Stacey (North Haven, CT)

Instructor is a good dude.

Cole (Redding, CT)

I really liked this class because it taught me a lot about the safety of boating.

Emma (Farmington, CT)

I thought I knew this information, but it reminded me of the critical importance of knowing it well.

Theadore (Colchester, CT)

Incredibly friendly & informative instructor. A perfect way to send off a safe & frolicsome summer. Thank you for your time

Jake (Greenwich, CT)

Very informative class in a good amount of time. Our instructor was engaging and presented the information concisely.

Rachel (North Branford, CT)

Very good instructor, and the class felt fairly easy!

Angela (Manchester, CT)

Our instructor cares about boat safety, and teaches the class all from the convenience of our own home!

Barb (Wolcott, CT)

This is the most fun I have ever had in my life! 10/10 recommend to all who need a boating license.

Ned (Salisbury, CT)

Instructor was very engaging, which made this class go by quickly and helped me understand the content more.

Shelly (Mariden, CT)

This course was very informative, and a good review of necessary requirements.Thanks!

James (Milford, CT)

We had a great instructor, he thoroughly covered all of the course material, while making it interesting and fun!

Gianna (Naugatuck, CT)

This course was very engaging, straight forward, and informative! I feel very prepared to operate a vessel safely after this course.

Tia (New London, CT)

This class was so much better than I thought it would be! The presentation was painless and not overwhelming. Thank you.

Mitch (Greenwich, CT)

Great course that is interactive enough to keep your attention. The instructor was awesome and very complete.

Tony (East Granby, CT)

Great course! I learned so much in such a short amount of time! I would definitely recommend this to anyone who needs their boating license.

Ben (Manchester, CT)

Being able to take this class at home was so suitable. Easy, fast, and very informational, WORTH IT!

Ed (Warren, CT)

Informative and necessary for fun and safe boating!

Conner (South Windsor, CT)

Instructor was funny, informative, and exceeded my expectations! I would highly recommend this class to others.

Devon (Portland, CT)

Instructor was so engaging! I learned more than I expected and I feel comfortable navigating with the knowledge of buoys and boating courtesy that was taught.

Brett (Morris, CT)

This class greatly prepared me to operate while following basics boating rules, but more importantly I can stay safe doing it.

Gale (Fairfield, CT)

After taking this course, I would expect that everyone planning on boating should take it too! Excellent.

Bobbie (Easton, CT)

The course, teaching, materials, and presentation were all extremely helpful! I definitely would recommend this class to all future boaters!

Kasha (Bolton, CT)

My 14 year old son was able to navigate the site and make arrangements for our family and his friends with ease. Great service and the class went amazing, thank you.

Forrest (Norwich, CT)

Fun informative class that felt more like a hangout than a typical class. The instructor seemed to want to share his love for boating.

Jacky (Litchfield, CT)

This class is informative and could save your life one day! Our instructor was an amazing teacher.

Terell (Redding, CT)

Instructor explained the course extremely well! Now I feel confident driving my new boat. I will definitely recommend!

Wyatt (Stratford, CT)

This class was informative and easy to understand. Out instructor does a great job at keep you engaged and stayed very patient with us. Great Job!

Jessica (Westport, CT)

This was an excellent presentation highlighting all important information and good practice. Thank you !

Lindsey (Thomaston, CT)

Even though the class was 8 hrs, it was so fast and painless. The instructor made it pass smoothly and fun!

Tyler (Seymour, CT)

This course was great. It was run by a very knowledgable and fun instructor. It was also greatly helpful towards my boating experience.

Robert (Lebanon, CT)

I now feel I know a lot of the laws and boating material. The instructor was professional and engaging.

Brady (Wilton, CT)

Do not hesitate to enroll in this awesome course! It was extremely informative and I learned a great deal.

Audrey (Danbury, CT)

After taking this class, I feel so much more confident to operate a boat. The instructor did a great job and gave a lot of information in an informative way.

Dexter (New Haven, CT)

A very informative and interactive class! All questions were answered so it was completely understood. Thank you for a great class.

Sebastian (Lisbon, CT)

This class was great for my children. It was taught in a serious manner, but stayed light and humorous. They were very happy with their instructor.

Jerry (Goshen, CT)

Our instructor was very responsive and personal from the day I signed up. The class went by quick and it helped me understand the rules of boating.

Randall (Eastford, CT)

This course was very well presented. Quick and painless way to get your boating license.

Rebecca (Cromwell, CT)

Very informative course. Well worth the time and the money. I feel completely prepared to operate a vessel now!

Brettly (Bolton, CT)

An easy, painless, and informative class to get your boating license with! 🙂

Timothy (Windsor, CT)

The instructor kept us engaged and enforced all of the important points. AMAZING

Tammy (Colebrook, CT)

The instructor was ver personal, knowledgeable, and informative. Waters will definitely be safer for all attending this class!!

Kathy (Madison, CT)

This is a very engaging class. The instructor is great! I would highly recommend it.

Karen (Waterbury, CT)

Enthusiastic trainer, and great material. Time better spent here than other CT boating classes!

Louise (Ridgefield, CT)

Very well done! Instructor’s style and experience made the points more impactful and memorable.

Dana (Prospect, CT)

Everybody should take their boat licensing class AND the navigation course! I would recommend this to all boaters!

Brandon (Plymouth, CT)

Our instructor had a good balance of knowledge and humor! He made a ton of content digestible.

Lucas (Oxford, CT)

Great information and the private class made for a great experience!

Jeffrey (Old Saybrook, CT)

Great course, met the needs of both adults and children. Would definitely recommend!

Clayton (Norwalk, CT)

The website was easy to navigate and very helpful, and the instructor was AWESOME.

Quinn (Naugatuck, CT)

The instructor did an amazing job educating our class, I had so much fun learning about boating!

Jordan (Monroe, CT)

This was my favorite boating class. I was surprised at how fun and informative it was!

Isabella (Middletown, CT)

The instructor did a fantastic job making the material understandable.

Deana (Manchester, CT)

Thorough and informative course. The instructor knows their business.

Kelley (Litchfield, CT)

This class was very informative. I enjoyed it and the time flied!

Zena (Kent, CT)

This class turned out to be more fun than I expected! I enjoyed it very much!

Velda (Lyme, CT)

Best boating course EVER! Fun and easy way to get your boaters license.

Erik (Greenwich, CT)

Very informative and interesting. The day went by much faster than I expected.

Leila (Easton, CT)

Great focus on safety and would definitely recommend to a friend interested in boating.

Cole (Danbury, CT)

Our instructor was informative and helpful. A learned a lot about boating and boating safety.

Zachery (Bethel, CT)

Great instructor! Very informative and interactive.

Frederick (Berlin, CT)

Our instructor did a great job! I would recommend this course to anyone interested.

Joseph (Waterbury, CT)

I was worried about the boating class being taught on zoom, but the materials were presented in such a way, the class flew by!

Scott (Watertown, CT)

The instructor made the boating class very interesting and informative, easy to understand,  The instructor also had a lot of patience with our class!  🙂

Griffin (Bridgewater, CT)

This class was incredibly informative and the time flew by! I feel completely ready to cruise the lake this summer!

Reese (Roxbury, CT)

Even over Zoom, I thought the course was great and I learned a lot.

Kaelyn (Thompson, CT)

The course was well presented and enjoyable. Our instructor made it fun and I was well prepared for the test. I will recommend to others I know who are seeking their certificate.

Kenneth (Lebanon, CT)

Instructor was great. Made it interesting and fun, but stressed the seriousness of it too. Great course.

Cassandra (Kent, CT)

The instructor was super informative easy to follow and did a great job keeping everyone engaged.

Barbara (Thomaston, CT)

Out instructor was awesome. The material was so well put together that the time flew by.  Most importantly, I learned so much and retained everything. Great class and would recommend anyone to take it with Connecticut Boating Certificates LLC!

Zach (Westport, CT)

We had a great instructor, both highly knowledgeable and entertaining at the same time. He kept me engaged and prepared me well to pilot my own craft.

Juan Pablo (New Haven, CT)

Our instructor showed a lot of poise, patience, and tolerance.  Quick to help and problem solve communication problems at days end.  Thanks, nice work!

James (Old Lyme, CT)

Great instructor, and great explanation. I enjoyed this class!

Janelle (Middlesex, CT)

Our instructor was fantastic and did an excellent job facilitating the class. The ease of the online platform was great as I have 3 children and work full time so not having to be out of the house for 10 hours was invaluable.

William (Easy Lyme, CT)

This was extremely informative and was broken down into sections that aided in further understanding. Our Instructor kept us engaged and on our toes by asking questions, and using visual aids to enhance the experience learning. The hours passed by quickly and I felt extremely prepared when taking the exam!

Danielle (Greenwich, CT)

Instructor was great. He made it interesting and fun, but enforced the seriousness of it too. Great course!

Bradley (New Milford, CT)

Our instructor was extremely knowledgeable about this topic.  It is not easy to teach on zoom; however, his ability to keep everyone engaged was outstanding!

Karen & Chris (Danbury, CT)

I really enjoyed the course, what an engaging and fun instructor! 🙂

Kim (Bethel, CT)

Overall a well organized and informative course. Our instructor kept us engaged and made sure we understood the materials before moving ahead. I highly recommend this course to all interested in their CT boaters certificate.

Rick (Newtown, CT)

Great class! Very informative and I would highly recommend!

Lynn (Fairfield, CT)

Instructor covers relevant Info in clear, concise and interesting manner!

Jenna (Salisbury, CT)

I really enjoyed and got a ton out of your class yesterday. It was a great experience. The life jacket conversation and statistics made a huge impression. I never wear my life vest on the boat, yet I wouldn’t dream of getting into a car and not wearing a seat-belt. How dumb!  I’m on the lookout for one that works for me as I write this. Thanks for coming out to the woods! I’m really glad I took your course.

Elise (Wallingford, CT)

The Instructor was funny, informative, engaging and exceeded my expectations! I learned a lot more than I expected. I would highly recommend him to anyone.

Dave (Naugatuck, CT)

I have been boating for 35 years…I learned more about Boating Safety in the last two nights than in my entire boating career. Great class, great instructor, and the time flew by.

Janet (Fairfield, CT)

I found this course incredibly informative and the time flew by. I was engaged the entire time as the instructor did a phenomenal job.

Mike and Andrea (Easton, CT)

This was a great course. The Instructor was awesome, informative and great at educating. Both my wife and I are career teachers and we are very critical…could not say enough

Sheryl (Norwalk, CT)

The Instructor made this an interesting and fun class. I learned so much and understood everything 100%. I thoroughly enjoyed it! Thanks Connecticut Boating Certificates!

Alyssa (North Branford, CT)

The instructor was great, engaging and I feel comfortable navigating. I cant believe I learned how to follow buoys! I actually enjoyed the course!

Adrien and Jill (Waterbury, CT)

We were very pleased with the course. The Instructor was very, very, helpful and knowledgeable and is a great at what he does. I’d recommend him to anyone.

Pete (Naugatuck, CT)

Hello, My thanks back to you for an enjoyable and informative class! I grew up spending every weekend (without exception) offshore with my dad and brother. When our family later moved from Long Island to Florida we made the trip aboard our old wooden boat, just for the adventure of it. Needless to say my boating and navigational skills were well-honed back in those days. Those memories faded over the past 30+ years while living out in Colorado. But now that my wife and I moved to Connecticut I’m really looking forward to getting my sea legs back. Your course, with all of its welcome emphasis on preparedness and safety is a literal lifesaver, especially for an “old salt” like me, Can’t thank you enough and hope to see you out on the water!

Roger (Sharon, CT)

After taking this course, I now realize that everyone needs this boating class…..Excellent! I am comfortable with all the boating rules but most of all this course showed me that safety is so, so important.

Susan (Wallingford, CT)

The instructor was funny, informative, engaging and exceeded my expectations! I learned a lot more than I expected. I would highly recommend him to anyone.

Jonathan  (New Milford, CT)

Very cool instructor. He’s funny, witty, and really kept us participating. I appreciate the “Spaceballs” reference amongst many funny moments.

Adrien & Cassandra  (Waterbury, CT)

We were very pleased with the course. The instructor was very, very, helpful and knowledgeable. I’d recommend him to anyone.

Amy (Granby, CT)

Thanks! We appreciate your time and willingness to put up with us! The dog in your way, the kids lying on the floor, etc.. You made this course enjoyable! 🙂

The Richardson Family (Waterford, CT)

The instructor was incredibly friendly and informative. I thought I knew this information but it reminded me of the critical importanct of knowing it WELL. I was amazed with the way he connected and spoke with my children in regards to safety. This was a perfect way for our family to start off a safe and frolicsome summer on our new boat! Both my husband and I thank you for your time and will recommend you to anyone looking for their license.

Michelle (Norwalk,CT)

A drawback of the process is that I, like most others, rushed out of class after receiving our grade given the long hours without having the chance to properly thank you. It was an EXCELLENT class thanks to YOU! I knew nothing about boating prior. I pursued my license because my boyfriend has two seadoos and wanted me to join him on weekends, which I was readily eager to do. My family will be proud as my dad, uncle and grandpa were lake boaters. In any event I learned a ton and would like both of my kids to take the class next regardless of whether they want to be boaters or not, but because of the education on safety and how important that is in life. I also loved that you spoke from the personal perspective of a parent. Makes it very relatable. Safety first. Thank you for your time and constant energy today. I really enjoyed the class!

Justine (Westbrook, CT)

The presentation was wonderful and even more important, it was very informative. The instructor was great. He was knowledgable and patient with us. He mad sure we really understood the materials. Private is the way to go!

Thanks again and all the best.  Ed

Thanks again, you were great yesterday. I’m a lawyer and every year I have to take about 12 hours of continuing education classes — your style was far better than most of the teachers for the legal classes I have taken over the past 20 years. As I think you know, I took the class with my 14-year old son, 22-year old niece and 55-year old friend, and everyone not only enjoyed the class but they each said that your style and sense of humor helped them to pay attention and get much more out of the class than they otherwise would have. I’ll definitely recommend you to anyone I know who plans to take the course.

Alyssa (North Branford, CT)

The instruction was great, engaging and I feel comfortable navigating. I cant believe I learned how to follow buoys! I actually enjoyed the course. Thanks 🙂

Kathy  (Sandy Hook, CT)

The instructor was organized and made the materials easy to understand. We got to go at our own pace which allowed for more in-depth discussions and more detailed answers to OUR questions. This private tutorial was EXCELLENT and was a great experience for our whole family. Thank you so much!

Steve (Southbury, CT)

You conveyed all of the course information in such a way that not only did you hold both of our attention throughout the entire time but delivered it in a way that we understood and retained the important information. To do this for a 13 year old and a 47 year old at the same time is quite impressive. I will refer you to all of my friends and family. Great job and Thank You.

Mike (Norwalk)

I just wanted to take a minute to thank you for yesterday. Taking the Connecticut boating certification class was something on my personal bucket list for a long time. I was a little nervous to sit in a classroom setting for 8 hours yesterday and take a final exam, which I hadn’t done in almost 15 years. Your teaching abilities, and leadership truly showed yesterday. When you looked around the class room and saw ages from 10 years old up to 50 years old, I was amazed at how well you were able to relate to the entire class, make us feel comfortable, relaxed, and engaged the entire time. Too often I am sure you hear the bad experiences and never get a chance to truly know how you did as a facilitator in these kinds of settings. Yesterday was truly remarkable and I felt it was necessary to take 5 minutes out of my day to commend your teaching ability and recognize those individuals who show passion in an activity they love so much. Please don’t change a thing with your style of teaching. I can assure you that everyone in that class yesterday left feeling confident, relieved, informed, entertained, and a little excited to finally get a chance at the open waters. Again, thank you for yesterday and thank you for what you do in informing us of safety comes first.

Layla (Brookfield, CT)

Absolutely a perfect class to take as a beginner, instructors are very helpful and will answer every and any questions you may have