Take Another Look at “Trim”

Trim affects not only the boats speed and fuel consumption but also the steering ability. If the boat is out of balance due to passengers and or cargo, we may find ourselves going off course or finding the boat difficult to control. As most of us learned in class, always make sure you are doing your best to load gear, cargo, and passengers as evenly as possible.A boat with too much bow down or bow up can lose speed and be less responsive to steering. Too much “out” or “up” trimming of the motor can bring the propeller too close to the water surface and can result in sucking air into the blades causing the loss of thrust. You’ll hear sudden increases in the motors RPM’s and feel the boat slowing down. Too much “in” or “down” drives the bow down into the water resulting in the laboring of the motor and its components.Find the “sweet spot” for whatever activity you are engaging in, conditions, and or speed you want to travel. Regardless of activity the boat should glide smoothly through the weater.