Polluting our Waters: Alarming Stats!

Do you know how long trash that has been thrown in our waters takes to decompose?

  • Are you ready for an eye opener? Keep in mind that the following is 100% avoidable!
  • Your average piece of paper takes 2-4 weeks
  • A piece a wax paper takes 40 weeks
  • A TIN CAN takes 100 years
  • An aluminum can takes 200-500 years
  • A plastic six-pack ring or any plastics of similar thickness takes 450 years
  • A glass bottles take 500 years

Highly Toxic Liquids such as Gasoline and Oil are used in just about every powered vessel in our country and also impacts our waters in a major way. Imagine what even just a few drops from every boat could add up to. Small amounts of Toxic Fluids contaminate exponentially larger amounts of water:

  • Gasoline: One gallon of gasoline contaminates 1000 gallons of water
  • Oil: One quart of oil spilled in the water leaves an oil slick of about three football fields long, 1000 feet and stays floating in the water for nearly 2 years.

You can do your part by following a few SIMPLE procedures:

-Bring a bag for garbage when you go out on the boat

-Always have rags and paper towels on board to clean up any fluids

-Make sure you are diligent when adding or changing the oil, if you trailer your boat, do it in your driveway or on land

-When filling up with gas: Use all the procedures taught to you when you got your license.

-Do your pre-trip inspections to make sure you are not leaking anything from the motor.

Also:  There are many products out there to prevent spills as well as cleaning them up, by using these products, you are doing your part and we applaud you for that

Connecticut Boating Certificates cares about our environment and we hope you do too.