Connecticut Coastal Boater Endorsement

January 29, 2024
Connecticut Coastal Boater Endorsement Navigation Class

The Connecticut Coastal Boater Endorsement is a class offered by Connecticut Boating Certificates LLC covering basic navigation skills.  The materials meet the criteria of the Connecticut Coastal Boater Endorsement standardized by our state.  Many people refer to this class as the “Nav Class” and that is not too far from the truth.  Understanding how to navigate using a good old fashioned paper chart is a skill still taught today.


Modern day GPS systems are based on longitudinal and latitudinal coordinates, and this is nothing new.  Truth be told, understanding Longitude and Latitude has been around for centuries!  Nowadays, just about everyone has used this technology in their cars.  It seemed like pure magic when it became publicly available.    Guess what, charts have been around for centuries.  So has celestial navigation.  It just took a while before we had it in a handheld electronic device.  Maybe I should say, dash mounted device…?


Why of course our modern-day electronics make navigation very simple.  But what if they fail?  You may need the skills to navigate at any given moment in time.  Navigation skills are often referred to as a safety net.   They may save your life and the lives of your passengers.   Many who take this class find the content intriguing.  Yeah, there is math involved but it’s fun to brush up and apply what you learned in those High School days!  It wasn’t all for naught…. was it?


Good question.  Most people taking this class are looking to bring their boating skills to the next level.  Most are already pretty confident in how they handle their vessel.   This is that next level.  Often times referred to as the “tweener” from your basic Connecticut Safe Boating Certificate and the first level Captains license called the OUPV or “Six Pack”.   A new blog is coming out on that as well so stay tuned.   To promote safety, once the course is completed, Connecticut does not charge to add the endorsement.  There is, however, a charge to take the class which is offered in the private sector.  Expect prices from $100-$150 and the class is approximately 4 hours.


This is a simple way the state recognizes those who have taken the extra time to learn more about boating safety in our waters.  Your efforts may be rewarded further by a decrease in insurance rates.   Above all, it is a really cool skill to have.  Go for it my friends!

You can visit Connecticut Coastal Boater Endorsement Program for more details as put forward by our state.  Contact Us any time to inquire about when we teach this class.