Coastal Boater Endorsement including Navigation

Connecticut’s DEEP not only approves but also encourages this course for all boaters.  The following is an excerpt from their site.

Boating on Connecticut’s waterways and Long Island Sound may seem easier with the modern electronics of today. But what if they fail? You will need to quickly depend on the time-tested methods of the past. These methods of navigation form the basis that modern electronics rely upon to make navigation so easy today. Should your electronics fail, having a basic understanding of navigation and plotting methods could save your life and those of others.

Why Take The Coastal Boater Endorsement Course

Boaters desiring to travel in coastal waters should seek advanced courses in navigation. Boaters should be confident in their vessel and their handling skills. To further promote safety in coastal waters, the Connecticut Department of Energy & Environmental Protection (DEEP) is sponsoring the Connecticut Coastal Boater Endorsement Program. This program seeks to recognize and reward those boaters who have chosen to further their boating education. Boaters who complete a course in basic navigation, in addition to the basic boating course will receive the Coastal Boater Endorsement on their Safe Boating Certificate or Certificate of Personal Watercraft Operation. There is no fee for the endorsement. It is simply our way of recognizing and thanking those who have taken the extra time to learn more about boating safety in our waters. Your efforts may be rewarded further by a decrease in insurance rates.


The Connecticut Boating Certificates LLC course will qualify you for the endorsement


Coastal Navigation Endorsement
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