Aquatic Nuisance Species: Why don’t you care?

Aquatic nuisance species plant and animal life are a serious threat to Connecticut’s waterways and are quickly becoming a nationwide issue as well.  Local lake and river departments are being overwhelmed by the maintenance this is causing and does not have the town’s backing when it comes to budgeting for the proper equipment to make headway.  The State Departments can only do so much due to the very same reasons.   The battle against nuisance plants alone has become a multimillion-dollar problem that is getting brushed under the carpet every day.  That is just in Connecticut alone, think what the entire nation is spending.

Introducing harmful species and organisms to a lake, river, or bay can and will lead to environmental degradation.  Without any natural enemies, they are flourishing in a body of water near you.  Nearly one hundred percent of this problem has come from transporting these species and organisms from one body of water to another via a ship or boat.  Whether it is from Europe to the United States, from the Ocean to a Lake, or from a Lake to a River, it has been going on for hundreds of years.

How do we stop this madness you ask?  The DEEP has mandated that Private Providers like Connecticut Boating Certificates LLC incorporate this topic into the boating course material taught to their students when obtaining a boating license.  So Boaters please do your part and clean your boat off at the boat ramps. Make sure you remove the drain plug and hose your floors down.  Also, remember to put it back in before you launch again! J  Remove any water from bait buckets and coolers.  Most ramps are equipped with a wash down area so please use it.  Even at home, remember that the storm drains at the end of your driveway lead to local rivers, creeks, and lakes so are mindful of that as well.

Please vote on your town’s budget and make sure they are doing their best to keep our waterways clean!